I woke up one morning few months ago and had the dream to start writing under the name “ANONYMOUS”, It was a task I knew I was capable of completing as I had the resources at hand.

I had the resources but it still needed an execution and the perfect way to execute it without being noticed was to write under the alias “Anonymous”. I did for the past 9 weeks up to this very moment whereby I’ll reveal my identity.

So last episode, I promised that anyone who gets my identity correctly with good reasons would be rewarded with #500 worth of recharge card… Guess what? Someone did and we have a winner, many others guessed but were wrong.

And the winner is… But before that, anyone who has probably missed out on all the episodes of JUST WORDS can go to http://www.juztwordz.wordpress.com for the full recap from episodes 1 to 10.

Yeah, I was about to mention the winner, *Drumrolls* and the winner is Whesu Victoria , she was the only one who guessed correctly with a reason I’m not sure I’m yet to believe myself, she said “The style of the author of Just Words is in line with that of Mcbumnik”.

I’m sure it’ll a surprise to most of my friends and members of Kowee News Agency that Anonymous has been a part of them all these while. The identity of Anonymous is *actually to be sincere, I wish there is a way I could write this paragraph to make it interesting but lemme just skip to revealing the identity*, *drumrolls* Olubunmi Sanyaolu.

To make the blog site more interesting, I’ve decided that anyone who has DOPE articles or stories would be chanced to feature it on the blog site with their names and personal information if they wish.

Remember, on JUST WORDS, you have the chance to be anyone and anything depending on your ability to build and create that formidable character.

Once again, to those of you who already knew over the last few weeks that Olubunmi Sanyaolu has been the author of Just Words, thanks for keeping my identity.

Besides, this isn’t the last of JUST WORDS, this is the very beginning, more phases to unveil…



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